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EPMAN British Type Universal Oil Cooler 7-Row 9-Row 10-Row 13-Row 16-Row 19-Row 25-Row 28-Row 30-Row With AN8/ AN10 Fitting EP-OC0000

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EPMAN British Type Universal Engine Oil Cooler EP-OC0000


*Robust stacked-plate oil cooler effectively reduces oil temps.
*Helps protect critical engine components from premature wear.
*Preserves oil viscosity for proper lubrication during aggressive driving.
*Provides ample cooling with minimal pressure loss.
*-8 AN inlet and outlet accept EPMAN -8AN braided hoses and -8AN aluminium fittings.
*-10 AN inlet and outlet accept EPMAN -10AN braided hoses and -10AN aluminium fittings
Part NO.
A-Row )
Inlet / Outlet Size
B )
EP-OC0000077 RowsAN885 mm
EP-OC0000099 RowsAN896 mm
EP-OC00001010 RowsAN8105 mm
EP-OC000013-AN813 RowsAN8130 mm
EP-OC000013-AN1013 RowsAN10130 mm
EP-OC000016-AN816 RowsAN8155 mm
EP-OC000016-AN1016 RowsAN10155 mm
EP-OC000019-AN819 RowsAN8175 mm
EP-OC000019-AN1019 RowsAN10175 mm
EP-OC000025-AN1025 RowsAN10222 mm
EP-OC000028-AN1028 RowsAN10245 mm
EP-OC000030-AN1030 RowsAN10260 mm

Maintaining appropriate oil temperature is key to extending the life of your vehicle’s engine. Your engine oil is specifically designed to operate within a certain temperature and pressure range, ensuring proper lubrication and reduced wear. When a vehicle is extensively modified or used in high stress driving conditions, it's easy to exceed the limits of your engine oil, resulting in reduced lubrication and higher potential for wear and damage. The simple addition of a performance oil cooler is an easy way to reduce temperatures and bring them back into the effective range for proper lubrication. This stacked-plate oil cooler provide substantial heat transfer and reduced temperatures. This oil cooler includes eight universal mounting holes, providing an abundance of options for mounting on your vehicle. Each cooler includes -10AN inlet and outlet fittings, ensuring leak-free operation.

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